Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Well I am delighted to say I have received the first draft print copies of the second series of the Little Friends Picture Story Books - Garden Adventures. I have to say they are looking good but as is normal the print is all askew. Hey Ho that's the joy of POD which my publisher says will be sorted PDQ!!!

Anyway after going through them carefully I have done some word amendments and some image amendments and hopefully they now look better and are ready to be printed correctly.

Luckily the front covers have not been changed and unlike my copies of the first set of Woodland Adventures they include a bar code and retail price? Ha ha well, these things do happen sometimes.

I have to say people who have reviewed the books are also delighted with them so I hope once the last lot are complete I can start promoting them with a vengeance.

Having said that I must confess that when I set out to write these stories it was purely for my own pleasure. After all I am supposed to be retired so it was a way to keep the 'little grey cells working.' Although I will confess it has been an enjoyable experience being involved in the fictional writing world. And certainly different to the factual one.

And of course it has introduced me to a variety of different people who have made the last few years very interesting and enjoyable. It's true what they say you do need a hobby and once retired you wonder how you ever found time to work???

Monday, 26 February 2018


Well what a strange couple of weeks we've had down here on Cardiff Bay. The weather has been alternating between freezing cold and brilliant warm sunshine. And its only February! 

Saturday I worked at my laptop with the apartment door open it was that warm. Yet Sunday I was freezing due to the cold front coming on from the Bristol Channel. And today, Monday, we are back to the sunshine bit with a wind blowing. I wish it would make it's mind up.

A week last Saturday I was asked to redo the video interview I did for a students media class. The original one had been taken inside the Millennium Theatre Centre and was too noisy so I invited the young girl Runzezi to come to the apartment. What an afternoon we had. Having been sat chatting for awhile about the English language (Runzezi is Chinese) we were shocked when the apartment started to shake and the TV began to rock back and forwards on its stand. I honestly thought a large truck had hit the building. However, it turned out we had an earthquake.

WHAT! I hear you say. In Cardiff Bay, South Wales. Never...... Well yes we had. In fact the whole of South Wales into England felt the effect. At least some did. It was exceedingly strange because some did and some didn't feel anything; even those who were supposedly over the epicentre of the quake? Of course when I told my husband about it he asked if we had been drinking ha ha. I must admit it was a bit of a shock at M4.7 as it is only the second time I have ever experienced such a thing. The first time being in Taiwan a couple of years ago and that was M6.9.

Anyway we managed to get the video done and the whole interview and write can be seen on:

Not bad for a student doing media and journalistic studies in a foreign language. Mind you it was quite strange talking about oneself as well!!

Monday, 12 February 2018


Well it's been quite an interesting time since I last wrote something here. For a start I am now another year older! I was going to put a comment about getting old but to be honest I'm not really bothered. I just keep telling myself (and everyone else) that I'm only 31. The reason for this is I decided to start going backwards in birthday years once I hit 50. That means I will be 30 next year. (In reality 70.) So maybe I'll start coming forwards again? My daughter tells me if I don't she will cease to exist by the time I get to 21 ha ha. I have also decided to have more than just one 'birth day' and have spread the celebrations out over a couple of weeks, maybe a month. It's a lot more fun that way. Perhaps I'm making up for all the parties I never had as a kid??
I've also been busy completing a friend's website. She's an artist who creates brilliant pictures and murals for kids but her website was so out-dated it needed to be brightened up. I've made it full of colour with some lovely images of her work. Totally different to the original. Fortunately she loves it.
This week I also completed two interviews. The first one has gone live on the ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors) Blog. Reads great. In fact sounds better than when I originally answered the questions lol. You can read it by clicking this link:
The second interview was for a student from Cardiff Uni. Runzezi is Chinese and is in her final year doing Media and Journalistic Studies. We met at a local Art gallery and got talking and she asked if she could interview me. Always one to chat I said yes. What should have been about an hour and a half turned into three hours. It was good fun. We talked about all sorts of stuff not just my writing. She's off back to China later this year but I hope to keep in touch with her. Waiting now for the finished result to go live.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


As I reported recently, like the rest of the UK I have been caught up in this horrible flu virus that has been doing the rounds. It seems that people have been dying from the effects of it. Maybe the bugs are fighting us back. Or maybe we are trying too hard to be clean? I remember the days when we played out in the dirt all day, ate our sandwiches with grubby hands and didn't wrap up because we weren't feeling the cold all the time. What has happened to us? It seems our desire to be cleaner could actually be killing us! This is my fifth week of the virus but fortunatly it looks as if I am finally beating the thing at last. Still coughing now and again but at least the cold appears to have gone. I live in hope.

Told my daughter in Australia about people dying from this flu and she told me not to! I said I had no intention as I was going to outlive my Dad to which she laughed. But, I meant it. He was 94 when he passed away and I would seriously like to at least reach the same age if I can. Mind you I also told her she would probably be looking after me to which she responded that was okay but she wasn't sure how her kids would cope with me. Told her tough they would just have to put up with a grumpy grandma!! What! Me grumpy. Never.

Yesterday was a good day as I approved the first draft of the basic cover design for the new set of the Little Friends Picture Story Books. They are being titled 'Garden Adventure Series.' Hopefully they will be in print within the next few weeks. Now I just have to finish the last set of draft books to be titled 'Farmyard Adventures Series' and that will complete the whole series of 18 books. It will be a relief as the reissue has been a long process but also a sad time that they are finished.

Also yesterday proved to be an interesting day for me as I was invited to be interviewed live by Ceri Stennett on Radio Cardiff for the 'Come on In' show. The time seemed to pass so quickly. I could have carried on chatting a lot longer. But, as Ceri said, I can always go back again. What a nice man. As I came out of the recording studio his next guests were waiting and they all complimented me on the interview, telling me how well I had come across. I felt quite chuffed by their comments. Certainly lifted my day for me. Now to see if I can download a copy for my records.

   Me and Ceri

Monday, 15 January 2018


Well what a crazy Xmas break I've had. Unfortunately the week before Xmas just as I was looking forward to a relaxing few days away at the Botolph Hotel & Spa on a Musical Break I was struck with a virus. What started out as a mild sore throat has ended up with my now entering my fifth week suffering with a cough and cold. And of course I have passed this along to my husband. You can guess how poorly he's been suffering!!

All this of course put paid to a good Xmas break and a New Year celebration. However, one good thing to come out of it is that I have lost quite a few pounds in weight. Just what I needed ha ha.

The other good thing was that being stuck at home meant I got the opportunity to catch up on some work. Finished the second set of the Little Friends Picture Story Books so they are off to the publisher later this week. And have just completed the third and final set so they will follow to the publisher in due course. The plan is to have all 12 books up and running by the end of April at the latest.

Another gain is I managed to complete the first review of the manscript for one of the young writers I am currently mentoring. It now needs proofreading and a front cover design agreeing upon prior to it going to the publisher. I'm also progressing the other young writers work, a series of poems which will include some lineart relating to the subject of each poem. Again these should be in print within the next couple of months.

That now leaves me free to decide what to do next? I have a number of short stories to finesse and a novel based on a famous opera star to complete. I am also considering reviewing and updating my historical novel and mystery short story book. The latter is due a new cover which is in the process of being completed. Looks like Spring 2018 is going to be an active start to the year.

NB are you a young writer? Would you like to have your written work reviewed then please feel free to contact me at

Monday, 18 December 2017


What an interesting time I’ve had recently. Following the launch of the new versions of Woodland Adventures the first six books set from the Little Friends Picture Story book Series I attended St Teilos School Xmas Fair.  I did feel sorry for the school as it decided to try and snow that day. And of course it was bitterly cold and icy which meant foot-fall wasn’t as great as last year. Still overall the event went quite well.
The following week I was invited to do an interview for the Dan Donnelly section titled The Way It Is on VCS Cardiff Radio. What an experience. Basically Dan wanted me to talk about how I had ended up living in Cardiff. The interview covered time before Cardiff, what was happening now and what I wanted for the future. Being pre-recorded over about 45 minutes meant any mistakes or hesitations could be edited out. The finished feature was, according to Dan, very good. I missed most of the ‘live’ performance as I was busy elsewhere so Dan has sent me a copy to listen to. I must say it’s very strange listening to yourself talk as one never sounds like you would expect to.
Christmas has now started approaching fast and so the merriment has begun. Parties, drinking, eating too much, lots of presents and fun and games. Being a grand-parent of children of different ages our celebrations seem to vary. They also began early. Presents, party games and a feeling of peace once  we returned home. With the older children, or I should say young women now as they are a lot older, it seems to be a lot easier. Presents become money which makes it easier for us and means they get to buy what they really want. Mind you they do all live in Australia!
As for us it will be Christmas followed by New Year celebrated here in Cardiff Bay.  Nice and relaxing. Perhaps it’s a sign of age when you prefer the peace and quiet to jigging around and getting drunk. Mind you at least if one gets drunk at home you are safe and warm when you fall over ha ha ha!
To anyone who has bothered to read this I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous and Happy New Year.
PS And if you want to start writing, or need help with your manuscript, poetry, novella etc then feel free to contact me at

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


A good day on 30th November at the Cardiff Bay Book Fair at the Norwegian Church. My display looked good and the books arrived on time. I am a happy bunny with the results of the launch of the first series - Woodland Adventures - of the Little Friends Picture Story Books.

A great day for myself and all the other authors there.